Salt Systems

With a salt pool, you add salt to your pool water. This amount is below the taste threshold meaning you don’t taste a strong salt taste like associated with the ocean.


Swimming pool liners for in-ground pools and above ground pools protect the surface of your pool with high quality materials and great looking designs that will enhance the look of any pool.


We offer a wide variety of solar covers, winter pool covers, leaf net covers & safety covers for both above and in-ground pools.


Our filters' simple operation and minimum maintenance lead the industry in performance, value and dependability.


From bromine to chlorine, pool shock to algaecides and pool clarifiers, Pools -N- Patio delivers what you want and what your pool needs..


Pool maintenance requires four seasons of care to keep swimming pools crystal clear and ready for enjoyment all summer long.


One of our pool designers will either meet you at your home or you can come into our location to get answers to your questions and discuss ideas.


Over 20,000 generic and name brand parts for your pool cleaners, pumps, and everything else in between. We offer manufacturer direct parts that carry the same warranties you would expect from all the pool companies that help make your pool run.


Less time in the pool store gives you more time to enjoy your pool!

We offer a free Pool Testing and Chemical Delivery service.